HERE-is-WHY creatively shareS the inspired vision and work of change-makers across our world.

we want to help you tell your story.

Traveling in some of the more needy and disconnected spots on earth, we have observed life-altering work carried out by the "little guys"; independent change-makers who often have no profile online or in the media. These individuals and organizations have been hard at work for decades- pressing forward with few resources- but creating impressive impact on their communities through extraordinary service.

As creatives, entrepreneurs and influencers, we are inspired to use storytelling and marketing to raise awareness and increase support for these individuals who we consider the world's great change-makers.

Our team is led by Jonathan Fambrough, a creative director and documentary film-maker and Suzy Beck, a creative producer specializing in international production. We operate in partnership with like-minded supporters, sponsors and storytellers.