Photo: AP

Your support is going directly to those providing help on-the-ground  in Nepal.

No middle man. No bureaucracy. Less delay.

Photo by Jordan Hay

Photo by Jordan Hay

This website and our small crew of volunteers behind it exist with one simple goal in mind: connect you, the donor, as directly as possible to trustworthy people doing life-saving work.  We do not take a cut of donations. We do not hold your money. We are simply the conduit. 


We record it for tax deductible purposes and our 501c3 partners will take a 3% administrative fee out of the total amount to cover their accounting overhead. We will also pay approximately a 2% wire transfer fee to get the money to Nepal. Donated monies are then picked up directly by Babu Hingmang who is accountable to report back to us how they were used. For this project, all donations collected will be used for tents, food supplies and medical needs.